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Meet Menu Bot
Your AI-powered
Meal Planner

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What is  Menu Bot?

Menu Bot generating custom recipes

Menu Bot is your AI meal planner for easy meal planning, grocery list creation, and recipe management.


Customizable to your needs, it also helps track your nutritional goals


Meal Planner

Receive personalized meal plans tailored to your tastes and dietary needs in minutes, transforming meal prep from a chore to a joy.

Recipe Book

Your personalized cookbook at your fingertips. With Menu Bot, save and organize your favorite recipes manually, from the web, or from our AI suggestions for easy access and future reference

Grocery Lists

Never forget an ingredient again. Get a customized, organized shopping list directly from your meal plan, saving you time and reducing food waste

Macro Tracker

Menu Bot calculates meal macros and daily totals, supporting your dietary goals. Whether it's AI-generated or your own recipes, get the nutritional insight needed for your health journey.

Your Menu, Your Way

Experience full control with Menu Bot. Every aspect of our platform is completely editable and customizable, from ingredients to serving sizes. Adjust and tailor your meal plans, grocery lists, and saved recipes to perfectly suit your preferences, dietary needs, and lifestyle. With Menu Bot, you're in charge


$8 / month

No credit card required to sign up.

First meal plan and grocery list are free.



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